Sripuram Arulmighu Shiva Muthumariamman Temple, Coventry

Coventry Sripuram Siva Muthumariamman Thirukovil


பக்தகோடிகளுக்கு எங்களது இனிய வணக்கங்கள்,.

அங்கயர்கண்ணியாம், அபிராமவல்லியாம், ஆனந்தரூபமயிலாம், அண்டாண்டகோடியெல்லாம் ஈன்ற அன்னை அருள்மிகு சிவமுத்துமாரியம்மன் கொவென்றி நகரில் எழிலாக வீற்றுள்ளாள்.
வேண்டி வரும் பக்தர்களுக்கு வேண்டிய வரமெல்லாம் விரும்பியே அளிக்கும் அருள்மாரியாக வழங்குகிறாள்.

வேதாந்த வள்ளியாம் வேப்பிலைகாரியான கொவென்றி நகர் மாரியம்மனை வணங்குகின்றோம்.
கொவென்றி நகருக்கு வாருங்கள் , அன்னை பராசக்தி சிவமுத்துமாரியை வேண்டி, ஆயிரம் வரங்கள் பெற்றிடுங்கள்

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அருள்மிகு ஸ்ரீபுரம்
ஸ்ரீ சிவமுத்துமாரியம்மன் திருக்கோவில்

A First Tamil Hindu Temple in Midlands Since 2009 Ashvaruda Varahi Amman Sakthi Peetam
அஷ்வாரூட வாராஹி அம்மன் சக்தி பீடம்
A First Varahi Amman Sakthi Peetam in UK and Europe

Monday to Sunday

9.00AM – 1.30PM
5.00PM – 8.00PM

Tuesday / Friday / Special Occasion

9.00AM – 1.30PM
5.00PM – 10.00PM

Temple Timings

Kaala Santhi

(Suparabatham and Viswaroopam)
09:00 AM

Utchi Kaalam


Saaya Ratchai

7.00pm – Winter,
7.30pm – Summer

Artha Jaamam (Sayana Poojai)


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Coventry Arulmighu Siva Muthumariamman Temple is a Hindu Temple in Coventry, UK. With the blessings of Varahi Ambal, Ashvaruda Varahi Sakthi Peetam has been formed in UK where the Varahi Ambal speaks to the devotees. Ambal’s Arulvakku (Oracle) words turned true, to the core, sooner or later. By Ambal’s Arulvakku (Oracle), she solved the problems of many who came to her for solution such as Child’s Education, Financial issues, Family issues, Diseases and so on.

Many miracles are happening at the Peetam and Devotees shares their recording profound experience with Varahi Ambal.

Ashvaruda Varahi Ambal Special poojas taking place on Panchami, Ashtami, Pournami and Amavasai days.

Varahi Ambal Arulvakku (Oracle) takes place for public on Tuesday, Friday, Panchami, Ashtami, Pournami and Amavasai days.

Temple Services

  • Siva Muthumariamman Abishekam and Pooja
  • Sri Ashvaruda Varahi Amman Abishekam and Pooja
  • Sri Varasakthi Vinayagar
  • Sri Vaitheeswarar (Siva) sametha Shree Thayalnayagi Ambal
  • Valli, Thaivayanai sametha Sri Subramaniyar
  • Sridevi, Boomadevi sametha Kalyana Srinivasa Perumal
  • Shreei Kanaga Durgai
  • Nadesar Abishekam
  • Sri Bairavar Ashtami
  • Sri Kariya Sithi Utharavu Mahaperiyava Anusham
  • Pradosham

About us

Coventry Arulmighu Shree Siva Muthumariamman Temple is a First Tamil Hindu Temple in Coventry, West Midlands. With the blessings of Divine Mother during the year 2006, she told the Arulvakku (Oracle) in India to the person Mr Nathan Rahulan – Founder of the Temple that she wished a house of worship built where he is to give her Eternal Grace to her devotees and protect them from harm and tragedies which may befall on our world. Therefore, Shree Siva Muthumariamman Temple was started by Mr Nathan Rahulan as a “Saiva Samaya Narpani Manram” during the month of December 2009, where the devotees united and offered prayers to the ‘pictorial image’ of Muthumariamman, Vinayagar, Murugar , Valli, Theivanai and Iyappan, on every Friday and auspicious days in a Small room (Sports Centre) in Radford, Coventry.

Then the Founder searched for a permanent place to build the temple, where the People can offer prayers every day. After lengthy search and with lots of obstacles and tough days he found the place in 134 Station street west, Foleshill, Coventry, CV6 5ND.

Naturally our weekly poojas continued to take place at the new premises, with a great success.
With the help of the devotees Shrines and idols brought from India and the Annual Festivals continued.

Temple Property lease has come to an end and due to the increase of rent and expenses, which the Temple can’t afford, and it was a tough time for Founder, Priests and Devotees.

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