Sripuram Arulmighu Shiva Muthumariamman Temple, Coventry

Temple of Hope & Miracles

Prathana and Thanks giving Prayers

Through the years since the temple’s inception, many devotees have flocked to see Siva Muthumariamman to shower her with their love and devotion. Since the Temple started several devotees have also experienced many miracles at the temple and throng every week to participate in the pujas and other special functions that are conducted throughout the year. Siva Muthumariamman at Coventry has told the Arulvakku to many devotees and solved problems.

In Coventry Siva Muthumariamman , devotees have experienced many miracles. Incurable diseases are cured here. Infertile body becomes fertile here. Family problems are solved here. Proper spouse selections are matched here. Happiness and peaceful life are warranted here. Many unbelievable miracles are taking place in our life when we worship Goddess Siva Muthumariamman at Coventry. It is a ritual to buy small metallic replicas, made with silver or steel, of various body parts that need to be cured, and these are deposited in the donation box.

Every significant event in their lives, such as the purchase of a new home or a wedding or the birth of a child, the purchase of a new car, etc.,are celebrated by obtaining the blessings of Divine Mother Siva Muthumariamman.

The Goddess Siva Muthumariamman is very powerful, devotees wishes are fulfilled by the Goddess. Devotees vary with different wishes, seeking wedding, child, job, health and solution for family problems etc. Persons affected by Chickenpox and Smallpox come to this place and pray the Goddess for speedy recovery. Divine Water is sprinkled on them after Pooja and they get recovered very quickly. The Divine Water is stored in a big bowl which people take as Prasad and medicine for curing small pox and vision related problems. Those facing skin problems offer Salt as prayer commitment. Many light lamps in lime fruit cups.

Devotees offer prayer by rolling themselves around the Shrine (Moolasthanam) known as body circumambulation (Angapradatchinam.), carry fire pots and mavilakku, offer Kanmalar – a copper or silver piece engraved with eye symbol.

By lighting 23 lamps, people pray to her to attain rank in studies.

Devotees offer new sari to Mother Amman, pongal – pudding nivedhana, lime fruit garlands perform abishekam and light lamps in the shrine.

Women worship Coventry Siva Muthumariamman on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays for a match of their liking and imagination with all longevity to their mangal sutras during their whole life span. This is their staunch belief. For child boon, women pray in the temple continuously for nine Fridays.

There is also a swing mandap. The foot prints of Ambigai is on the swing. Women seeking child boon move the swing to and fro with their prayers.

Mavillaku – Light offering for overflowing happiness. One main forms of expressive devotion

This act of divine love has transformed the lives of many yearning devotees, who return year after year to pay obeisance to their endearing Mother, Goddess Coventry Siva Muthumariamman.

  • Lamps of Sweet Flour, that helps ensure Longevity.
  • Lamps made of rice flour, it with wicks and offered in a manner unseen elsewhere in the South India, placed on the devotee’s body. Spiritual Agni resides in each human and this
    Act of penance re-ignites the divine force within.

Paalkudam (Milk Pot) for a prosperous life

On the day of Adipooram the devotees take Paalkudam. Milk and Pot will be provided by Temple.

Angaprathakshanam (Rolling Prayer) for inner strength and happiness

Physical circumambulation of her holy praharam, marks the importance of revering Earth, nature and creation.

Men and Women here in our Temple, perform a Physical circumambulation, where they lay Prostrated and in circular movements, go in rounds around Amman’s holy garbagraham that Verberate with the divine elements that lay scattered within and beyond Her perimeter.

Offering Kanmalar or small metallic replicas, made with silver or steel, of various body parts

Mudikanikkai (Offering of one’s hairlocks) for an ever brightened life.

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