Sripuram Arulmighu Shiva Muthumariamman Temple, Coventry

Objectives of the Temple

  • To take community initiative which cultural diversity, foster religious studies, community engagement, The principle is to provide construction and maintenance of Temple and Prayer hall for the benefit of the public.
  • Running religious schools for the benefit of public.
  • Day Centre for Elderly people
  • Women’s Forum to provide encouragement , support for women in our community and coordinate and participate in women led projects and programmes to support the Temple.
  • Promote the advancement of Hindu Religion to the public according to rituals to be conducted with special emphasis on Saivism according to the tradition in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.
  • Providing religious discourses and the celebration of Hindu rites ceremonies and festivals.
  • To promote the advancement of the Hindu traditions, History, Languages, Literature and Music.
  • Providing provision to perform public rituals and ceremonies such as naming, marriage, or funerals
  • Provision of free community kitchen in temple.
  • Other purposes conducive to the advancement of Hindu religion in General
  • To promote advancement of the Hindu traditions, History, Languages, Literature, Music and Dance.
  • Providing cultural and community activities in the temple.
  • Other purposed conducive to the advancement of Hindu religion in general.
  • To create an awareness amongst children about the rich global culture and traditions
  • To make children understand the importance of human values
  • To develop children a strong sense of values which will give to the world a future generation that is rock solid in righteous living which will hold their own strengths within a global structure.
  • To develop in children an awareness and an eagerness to imbibe global Culture and its rich traditions.
  • To develop in children a strong sense of God consciousness.
  • To teach children to love and respect people of all ages, from all walks of life, regardless of caste, creed, religion or race.
  • To teach children the importance of self-esteem this is one of the greatest gifts of life which we can give children.
  • To teach children to adapt in every circumstance in an ever changing world.
  • Temple works effectively with all children, young people, parents and carers and support members and volunteers in putting the policies in practice.
  • Siva Muthumariamman Temple is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities for all volunteers and devotees, participating at all events and activities organized.
  • Committed to ensure that all those taking part on events are not discriminated against in all the planning and running of events on the grounds of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Siva Muthumariamman Temple is community oriented and embraces the need of people of all ages. It is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people.
  • Siva Muthumariamman Temple will not carry out any activities with the intention of earning profit and will perform with service motive only.
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